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Remote Podcast Editing

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I have been recording a remote podcast, syncing voice tracks simultaneously recorded in different locations, for two years. I am able to add music, sound effects, and transform raw spoken word vocal tracks into fully mastered final episodes ready for digital publication in under a week.

I am admittedly a self-taught amateur audio engineer. I had been casually recording using Audacity since high school, but two years ago I downloaded Reaper and began seriously teaching myself how to edit and master audio. Since then I have recorded and edited over 100 podcast episodes and published them on an uninterrupted weekly release schedule. I have trained my fellow podcast hosts on how to do their own editing and advised colleagues wishing to start their own podcasts on how to acquire recording gear and server space in the most cost effective manner.

If you are also trying to start a podcast or would like to improve the quality of your existing podcast, I would be happy to serve as your editor and handle the entire mixing/mastering process remotely. If you would like to learn how to use Reaper yourself I would also be willing to do some basic tutorials to help you become your own editor. I can also give consultations on a range of related topics such as your audio hardware setup, publishing to an RSS feed, linking your RSS to popular podcast platforms, and the basics of marketing your show on social media.

Send me a message and we can discuss your goals for your podcast and how I can help you meet them.

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