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Here at Backing Track Productions, our audio engineers produce broadcast and live use quality backing tracks that are tailored to your personal requirements. We can even bring your current backing tracks up to broadcast, live use quality.

If you're looking to improve the sound of your show or you find you’re wrestling with your playback tracks on stage, you've definitely arrived at the right place as we've been producing backing tracks for well over 35 years.

You may be aware that there are millions of cheap backing tracks readily available but the majority are not ready for broadcast or live shows.

Here at Backing Track Productions, our audio engineers will produce a high quality backing track that is tailored to your personal requirements.

‘It's important that you don't just buy a backing track, download it, think that's it, and use it in its raw form. The track still needs production work before it can be used in your show. For example, volumes & EQ's need levelling out so that the track can be used on Radio, Television or even over the Internet.”....Da-Ran

We fully understand that you probably want to improve the backing tracks you currently use. So if required, we can enhance those very tracks for you.

Get ready to hear your show in a whole new light.

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