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Mixing & Mastering (pre/post)

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Welcome! -- A tiny rant about expirience: • 7+ years expirience studying advanced music theory. • Level 6 Piano student, (Hanon prerequisite & critique). • 4 years of digital mixing/mastering expirience as a hobby. • Currently minoring in marketing and business administration, directed towards the music industry.

How can i help?
•Pre-record, component/Song organization; (Instrumental values, rudimentary/SFX percussion, vocals, etc.)
•Pre-mixdown, Post-recording arrangement (General mixing involving the parameters listed above ie; Instrumental/sound design, vocal arrangement, percussion, SFX, and soundscape placement).
•Post mixdown mastering (Dynamics revision, Peak leveling and Peak RMS modifications, stereo artifact/aliased-transient monitoring and removal).

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