I joined the music industry in Dallas in Summer of 2015. I was very nervous and excited; I never knew I would carry this feeling with me still in this present day. I aspire primarily to get more into Music Publishing.

I've been singing for as long as I could remember, it was actually the first thing I could do before I knew how to speak. (I started speaking at 6) Growing up, my mother would always take me to karaoke bars to practice singing publicly. My grandmother paid for me to have voice lessons as a little girl and I was so scared. After my evaluation, it was reported that I have a five-octave range. I quit shortly after because I didn't believe it, I didn't think I was truly good or had any potential. I had no confidence.

Just last year, I finally embraced my biggest fear by getting my first gig as a session singer. I was lured to a studio in Dallas by my sister and she told me to just try it out. I was so enamored by the scenery of this beautiful place and the equipment, I thought to myself this is what heaven must feel like. When I stood before the mic with headphones, I finally realized something made sense in my life; that this should be my life, my entire life. I had resentments for not pushing myself to do this sooner, but I know now it's never too late.

Genres I specialize in

Endorse Moe Monroe