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Hi! I'm Eleonora, a musical director, pianist, songwriter and film composer/arranger from Italy. I can help you write, arrange your songs and music for the media. I can also create vocal arrangements for a wide range of styles and genres.

As a professional pianist, I can easily write, arrange, record and deliver any kind of piano/keyboard track in order to meet the specific needs of your music and taste.
Contact me if you want to take your writing to another level!

I have been working for years as a composer/arranger/session musician/musical director in very different situations and with various types of ensembles: from small bands to entire orchestras. For this reason, I can write in a wide range of styles so as to meet your personal requests!

Have a listen to my Projects Reel!
I was...
1- Pianist, arranger, vocal arranger in this production
2- Pianist, arranger "
3- Pianist, arranger, vocal arranger "
4- Composer, orchestrator and pianist "
5- Composer, orchestrator and pianist "
6- Composer, arranger"
7- Pianist, co-producer, and wrote the string section for this song
8- Arranger of this piece
9- Composer, arranger, songwriter, lyricist and musical director of this musical theatre piece
10- Composer and sound-designer of this ADV

If you want to take a look at some other works of mine, follow this link:

I'm thrilled to work on new projects and I'd love to hear about yours.

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