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Hi! I am Saul or zagel as you can see I am a music producer and also DJ, I have a lot of experience in electronic music and also in different DAW like, Pro Tools, FL studio & Logic Pro X. my specialization is the house (future house & tropical house) obesely I know a lot about other genres like pop, indie, etc.

I am a producer with a lot of experience in the field with a great scope in music, my main focus is on the electronic music productionand in diferent types of music (indie, pop, house, funk, rock). Also I am so good in produce of video game music or discographer producer on films. I'll tell you some thing. I asure that I was born for this, is my passion and obviously I can say that you will be pleased with my work and your work because you are part of the project. My main goal is to break the market as the prices are ridiculously expensive for just starting a project. So here I am for you. Also my difference or my specialisation is the automations that bring dynamics and vocal comping and vocal Fx.

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