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Paw Fum is a singer rapper songwriter dancer actor designer and businessman from Tanzania. He is known for his kokoriko song that he released in 2021, a song that entertains his fans in East Africa and now he sings Afrobeats, a type of music that identifies him as a musician from the continent of Africa and around the world. Paw Fum always says that he inherited his musical talent from his father and grandfather who were singing and playing African music for a long time

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  • Kokoriko by Paw FumAug 01, 2023

    Kokoriko is a song by the artist Paw Fum introduced in 2021. This song entertains all Paw Fum fans from East Africa and all those who are lovers of the Kiswahili language. This song aims to cheer up all those who are sleeping while the party activities are going on. Listen to this song through all music markets including Apple, Spotify, Deezer and others.


  • Ooh by Paw FumAug 01, 2023

    Ooh is a song by the artist Paw Fum introduced in 2020. This song has a message to remind a person of his childhood dreams as well as entertain children. This song has a simple language that is easy for young children to understand. This song is available on all Music Platforms