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I'll tone down what your needs are, and try to work off of that. If I dont have anything in my library that fits your style, I will try making something that does. Before trying to make a beat custom to your needs, I will take a non-refundable 20% of the total price. On the custom beat I do 4 revisions, so you know for sure you'll get what you want

I'm Bivaq and I have had an interest in music since I was young, I would listen to old Arabic songs and always speak of the detail of the instrumentals with my parents. When I got older my friend one time told me to try making beats, since he noticed my characteristic of analyzing music. This was 4 years ago and now making beats and instrumentals is a great hobby of mine.

I'm no professional by any means, but I wish to fulfill you and make your journey to a full song closer than it ever was.

I have a big library of (finished) projects which never surfaced in the music scene, the reason for this was because I never felt a need to promote my productions in any way. I do have a few songs though but most of them aren't (yet) released.

My main goal here is to make music and find out if this is the carreer for me, for music, I'm available any time I'm not at my job :)

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Terms Of Service

Max 4 revisions
I will finish the project within 5 days
20% of the total must be paid before the first revision

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