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I have been a sound engineer for live shows for the last 8 years. With a number of festivals and concerts under my belt, I have expanded to studio mixing for the past 3 years. I am highly detail-oriented and I always strive to find the best settings to optimize the mix in terms of coherence and quality. I am truly passionate about my work.

My proposal is to mix and master the audio tracks that you have already recorded.
You send me your raw audio files as they are (in .wav format), without any edits or processing. I will take care of mixing everything so that each track finds its place in the final mix.

I leverage the following tools:
- Ultimate ProTools, updated regularly
- A wide array of plug-ins, including plugin alliance bundle, integrated plug-ins for ProTools (basic version), Wave, Softube, etc. (for standard and premium versions)
- Analog equipment, including Warm Audio 73EQ preamp, Bluey compressor, Warm Audio bus compressor, and Yamaha delay d5000

The better the quality of the sound recordings, the better the resulting mix will sound!
Please note that I accept existing ProTools sessions, but if the basis of the session is too complex, I will be obliged to start from scratch.

For the mastering, please send me your files in .wav format. I can adapt the export format of your project to suit your needs.

Your level of involvement remains within your control: we can discuss your project(s) as well as your mixing preferences, or you can simply trust my expertise.

I look forward to working with you!


Tell me about your project and how I can help, through the 'Contact' button above.

Avila_ Bad Timing

I was the mixing engineer in this production

Terms Of Service

unlimited revisions for all gigs,I am attentive to the client's requests, I prefer to have a regular follow-up with the person in order to achieve a result that he or she will like.

Gear Highlights
  • Genelec1031a
  • Avantone Mixcube
  • JBL 306P Mk2
  • protools ultimate
  • warm audio 73eq
  • Warm audio VCA bus comp
  • Bluey compressor 1176
  • delay Yamaha D5000
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