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1st song is mastered absolutely free so you can hear the immediate difference mastering can make for your mixes.

Offering incredibly affordable mastering and audio post production for your projects. The work is guaranteed to be of the highest commercial quality and I can even help you to prepare your mixes for the mastering stage. Fast turnaround time and no deposits or upfront payments needed to get started. The work is sent to you for approval before an invoice is created so your master will be exactly how you envision it. Also the 1st song is mastered free of charge so you can hear why working with Sonik Soundworks Mastering is the easiest choice.
Tip: Please remove any brick wall limiters or heavy bus compression from your 2 bus before sending in your mixes. Headroom is golden so mixes that peak as close to -6db give or take few dbs will grant the best results. If you need help achieving mixes with enough headroom please feel free to ask.

Send me an email through 'Contact' button above and I'll get back to you asap.

Terms Of Service

All work is completed with no deposit or upfront cost and an invoice will only be sent once the work is approved by the client. There is a 60 day window after delivery for revisions to the finals.

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1st song is mastered FREE