Indie studio - Pro gear / creative work - Pro micpres / mics - Wave Plugins: Eqs / Comps

What we can do:
- Remove harsh sounds / add energy to lows / high;
- Reamp your DI Guitar sketches with Tube Driver + Fender 1965 Blackface Champ - (tone off mod - Weber / Tx);
- Add Dolby 363 Type "A" + Analog multitrack reel-to reel 15ips Revox PR99 to give real analog edge to your track;
- Acoustic guitar / electric bass guitar / electric blues rhythm guitar w/pentatonic dbl stop leads.

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My credits include

AllMusic verified credits for Liquid Fusion (R) Band:

  • Liquid Fusion (R) Band
  • The Kitchen
  • Liquid Fusion (R) Band
  • Liquid Fusion (R) Band

Gear highlights

  • Telefunken V76
  • Revox PR 99
  • Dolby 363

Genres I specialize in

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