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I provide professional audio mastering services for an accessible cost and fast turnaround time. I love doing what I do. I'm a mastering engineer and DJ now based in NYC, I began mastering at the Hallowed Halls studio in Portland OR. Credits include 50+ artists and labels, multiple albums, singles, remixes, DJ mixes, and vinyl and tape releases.

About me: I was apprenticed in mastering at the Hallowed Halls recording studio in Portland Oregon under chief engineer Justin Phelps (Dead Kennedys, Amanda Palmer, Cake) in 2019, and am now working independently. I also am a DJ, I have a degree in audio engineering and sound arts, and I studied classical and jazz guitar for 12 years.

I'd love to master your project! Please reach out to me if you have any questions or concerns about submitting your mix. I'm always happy to give feedback on mixes and work together on preparing them for mastering.

You can also listen to my sample masters on Spotify playlist, linked below.

Artist credits include: Ayegy, Benn Horne, Bunnichuk, Bitter Camari, CD3K, Cryb, Cyberplasm, Dangerman, Deep Fake (NYC), Die Familia, DoYouLikeLove, Drew Cornwall, Full of Scorpions, Giant Killer Bats, HIDE, Horacio Powder, HorrorScene, JHNN, Light Asylum, Liila, Mango Bass, Marceline, Marie Nyx, Mauve Decade, Nolore, Pantano, Reenna, Runoti, Scuzz Nun, SILO 77, Silversound, Synesius, The Drowning Machine, The Secret Light, The Weird Kids, Trust Anchor, tv_series, voix in the dark, Willernie

Iron Lung Records, DECKREKORD, Terrible Records, Dem Modest Kids, EK4T3, Not Not Fun, Volume Bomb

Send me a note through the contact button above.

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  1. Review by Jérôme R.

    I knew Sea_Wraith through his very great mixes as a dj, I knew he was a mastering engineer too, so I've tried his services and I am not disappointed, I'm more than satisfied and impressed. He is focusing on the dynamics of the track to sublimate the mix instead of playing the easy Loudness War card (don't worry, he can also make your track loud if you want).
    I highly recommend him.

  2. Review by Runoti
    by Runoti

    What a great experience! They are so communicative and thorough. My EP ended up polished and ready to release. They totally nailed what I was looking for, very happy.

  3. Review by Scuzz Nun
    by Scuzz Nun

    We had such a collaborative partnership in mastering this album, which I really appreciate! This is the engineer you want if you can do it yourself but don't want to do it yourself. They will go above and beyond and basically deliver whatever you have in mind. 10/10 and excellent at preserving dynamic full sounds with peaks and valleys that keep the details.

  4. Review by Connor Reising
    by Connor Reising

    Duggan recently mastered the first release for my new project Marceline, and they absolutely killed it! I was very happy with the mixes, but Duggan really took them to the next level. There is so much more depth, clarity, and punch to the songs after mastering. Duggan is also an absolute pleasure to work with. They are very easy to communicate with and got things back to us very quickly. I would recommend them to anyone needing professional quality masters.

  5. Review by doyoulikelove

    Sea_wraith mastered an LP created by a friend named horrorscene and I, and a new track called Cxp killer. He did a very nice job on all of it. He does a nice job cleaning our mixes up and he’s always able to make all of the kick drums bump a lot harder. I would recommend him for any of your mastering and editing work.

  6. Review by Soren Macbeth
    by Soren Macbeth

    Duggan was an absolute pleasure to work with. They were responsive and organized and turned everything around super fast. Most importantly, I was blown away when listening to the masters. They came out better than I could have imagined. I will be a repeat client without a doubt.

  7. Review by Tiffany Marie
    by Tiffany Marie

    Duggan was so great to work with! I love the organization of having an intake form and that reference tracks were requested. I had them master a techno track of mine and it came out boomy, yet sparkly clean. The quick turn-around was great too!

  8. Review by John Sager
    by John Sager

    Sea_Wraith does amazing mastering... the clarity, the spacing, the punch.... it is hard to explain without hearing it. Sea_Wrait has amazing ears and talent. Appreciate it and will be a return client. Amazing communication, prices, and so friendly. A+ highly recommended. Feel free to ask me any questions or for a direct reference!

  9. Review by DeShawn S.

    Sea is absolutely incredible. From the first contact, my entire mastering experience has been seamless and straightforward. Because I didn’t have much in mind of how I actually wanted my masters to sound, I asked Sea to take complete creative control. When I played the masters on my monitors, I was completely blown away! I highly recommend their services and look forward to teaming up with them in the near future!

  10. Review by CD 3K
    by CD 3K

    WOW! What an absolute pleasure working with sea_wraith!! They were very accommodating to my inexperience and went out of their way to help me learn the mastering process! The songs came out amazing! I am so happy and proud of my first album!! ^_^

  11. Review by Daniel (HorrorScene)
    by Daniel (HorrorScene)

    Working with Duggan has been amazing, the mastering on my tracks blew my mind on how good they were. So good that now I send everything to Duggan monthly. Really nice person and very understanding in what you want

  12. Review by S whiteley
    by S whiteley

    Working with Duggan was such an amazingly positive experience. They are super kind and sweet on top of being very very organized, responsive, and professional to work with! Additionally we were SO impressed with the way our tracks turned after mastering, they clearly have a refined ear for this sort of production work. Would recommend 1000%.

  13. Review by Johnn A.

    So much respect for this engineer. They made sure that every aspect was met even doing some changes when I needed the changes done. The sound was exactly like what I heard in my head and it felt like they actually tried to understand the process of the Album =). I am more than happy working with this engineer

  14. Review by The Drowning Machine
    by The Drowning Machine

    The work done on this track was phenomenal. I was already satisfied with my original (unmixed) version, but now I am in LOVE with my song. The bass is so much punchier and the rest of the track is smooth and perfectly balanced. Looking forward to using Sea Wraith for the rest of my songs from here on out. Well worth your money and extremely professional, as well as timely. Thank you!

  15. Review by Horacio Powder
    by Horacio Powder

    I have been extremely happy with the work that sea_wraith has done on my tracks. I have been producing experimental, indie, and techno for over 10 years and can't say enough about finding somebody that has a good ear and talent that actually enjoys and plays the type of music that I want to create. I am very happy that we crossed paths. I will be working with sea_wraith again and again in the future and it will be critical to the success of my current project, the ability to make my tracks sound the way they are supposed to is magic.

Gear Highlights
  • SSL XLogic Stereo Compressor
  • Great River MAQ-2NV
  • Burl B2 Bomber ADC
  • Apollo Twin X Duo
  • UA and FabFilter
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