Mixing and Mastering (72 Hour)

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www.ZndBornMixedit.com “Berklee Graduated, SoundGym Validated” I introduced to Jazz through the prestigious performing arts academy NOCCA in New Orleans, where he studied under numerous Jazz greats like Peter Martin, Clyde Kerr, and Wynton Marsalis. He attended Berklee College of Music where he had the opportunity to study Audio Engineering.

Your song Mix and Mastered. (Maxed Out - Radio Ready - No Distortion -No Artifacts)
Send over your stems, and receive the fully mixed and mastered song within 72 hours.


1. Two Revisions within 1 week of completion.

2. Gain Staging & Automation

3. Pitch Correction & Vocal Alignment

4. EQ (corrective & character)

5. Dynamics (corrective & character)

6. Harmonics (saturation & distortion)

7. FX (delay, reverb, & modulation)

8. Arrangement & Production

9. Mastering

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Interview with ZndBornMixedit

  1. Q: Tell us about your studio setup.

  2. A: Interfaces: Universal Audio Apollo Twin X4 Universal Audio Apollo X6 Audient id4 SSL 2+ Headphones: ATH m50x DT 990 (Sonarworks Calibrated) DT 770 Slate VSX Microphones: Townsend Labs Sphere L22 Shure SM57 Dynamic Mic Shure SMB7 Dynamic Mic Outboard: SSL Fusion Warm Audio Bus Comp Monitors : Footprint 02 Focal Solo Be Avantone Mixcubes Beats Pill+ Behringer KS10 Drawmer MC3.1 Other : Softube Console 1 Faderport Single Faderport Classic Maschine Mikro mk3 Nob Control Komplete 88 Kennsington Trackball 2x2X1 Aucoustic Panels Primacoustic Max Traps Custom 7x7x6 Custom Ceiling Cloud

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