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Walking on the path of producing, mixing, and songwriting for the past nearly 11 years, and later alongside my professional vocalist/singer, guitar/piano player partner, we are proudly handling and sculpting your art with a touch of modern excellence.

As most of us have realized that having great skills, decent perception and incredible passion in a musical career is not enough nowadays. That's where another major factor such as networking and social connection comes into play. For that purpose, this specific platform is appeared to be really handy for artists across the globe to communicate and complete each other in one or another way.

So I, Alexander, and my partner Sila got to the point where we can professionally help others to execute on the productions and executions they feel less experienced at.
Our current fees are pretty much at the bottom simply because we are still new at that aspect of connections and social exposure.

We would love to analyze your ideas & work carefully and approach it as our own, as our newborn baby that's looking up for growth, stability, and standing on its feet with quality and pride amongst all the great music and songs out there!

Tell me about your project and how I can help, through the 'Contact' button above.

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