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Hello, I'm Quentin, a full-time recording, mixing and mastering engineer at ARP Studio, my own French recording studio. I work in many genres, including: Rock, Punk, Funk, Blues, Jazz, Folk and Reggae.

Hello world !

My name is Quentin, and I'm a professionnal Sound Engineer running my own Recording Studio in France, working with artists all around the world.

I will focus on bringing the best of your creativity and send your music to the next level !

For mixing and mastering, I will use:
Level Balance
Equalizer (EQ)
Compression, Parallel and/or Multiband Compression
Stereo Panning
Vocal Time Correction
Reverb, Delay & other effects
Automations (Volume, Panning, Effects etc.)

You can check my portfolio down here:

Feel free to message me if got some questions ! :)

Click the 'Contact' above to get in touch. Looking forward to hearing from you.


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