Arnau Pro Audio
Sound Technician / A&V Postproduction / Entertainment Promoter

Sound Engineer with more than three years of experience in Professional Live Audio. And music producer and postproducer since 2005.

Secialized in LIVE SOUND
- Setting Public Address systems. (Calculate of X-over, Calculate of Limiters dBu, Endfired subwoofers & more)
- Systems Analysis and Optimisation with Smaart v7 (EQ correction & phase alignment)
- Specific microphonic techniques
- F.O.H. Mixing (Great artistic and musical ability)
- Monitors Mixing (independent or the same digital table, Yamaha StageMix domain)

These skills together allow me to improve professionally and personally day by day.

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Gear highlights

  • Yamaha M7CL
  • Yamaha 01v
  • Digidesing Venue
  • Presonus

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