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Lyrically inclined with a passion for singing and creating fresh material. Some people used to say I’m like the female ‘Eminem’ because ONCE upon a time (or a few times) I wrote raps. Now though, I prefer singing, whether that be pop, hip hop, R&B or something slow and acoustic. I tend to rap every once in a while though, it’s hard not to :)

I’ll offer my voice, a little like Ariel did to Ursula in the movie the little mermaid but hopefully there will be a less sinister reason.


I do cover songs, cover songs with a twist or originals. Acoustic is my specialty, give me a guitar or piano backing track and I’ll come up with anything, the lyrics may not make sense (immediately) but the melody and soul will be there.

I’ve recorded songs for years in recording studios, but then I discovered GarageBand and Logitech and have done it myself ever since. Mixing vocals, adding effects and filters, adding backing vocals and harmonies is what I enjoy most. Adding the flavour to a song, let’s say.

Generally I sing and write, I’d love to collaborate more with artists and create something new and unique.

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