Ruth Kennington

Recording and mixing engineer

Ruth Kennington on SoundBetter

Musician and sound engineer with an eclectic background in sound and music.

I have worked as an engineer across a number of studios in Dublin. I am a dedicated follower of audio and music in all it's forms. I am trained classically in piano as well as having a strong technical background, and I now work a lot sequencing and programming material. I have a BA in music and an MA in Computer music from NUI Maynooth.

I have worked on a wide range of music projects from small and large orchestral projects to arranging and mixing Hip Hop tracks. I have a love of sound design and mixing for radio drama and documentary.

I love the discovery of making a piece of work with an artist. A free and collaborative journey that is guided by stories to tell and passions to convey that I can support and nurture with years of experience and listening.

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