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Interview with GHOSTYLEZ

What other musicians or music production professionals inspire you?
I get more inspiration from actual ongoing or recent collaborations and collaborators more than anything else. If you are a talented instrumentalist or vocalist, just message me on SoundBetter to start a project today! I will carefully evaluate your project to make sure we are both successful in our efforts to get our message across using sound as a medium. I like projects that have a video component as well--I think it just makes for a more complete production, and I can work with your video content to ensure a quality end-product.
Tell us about your studio setup.
I live in both the OTB and ITB realms. The original pieces I started using in April 2015 are basically just what was standard, reliable, and what had been known for so long to work in many different situations. I have a small OTB setup I use to create unique textures and for sampling and manipulating sounds created or recorded in either the digital or analog realm. The core OTB kit consists of: Akai MPC 2000 XL (SE 3 special edition with 8 outs, SMPTE, hot-swappable CF drive, and everything else--thanks to Jay Quentin in Brooklyn, NY for this great piece--last thing you said to me: "Happy Hit making!"), Ensoniq ASR-10, Korg Triton-Rack (thanks to B. Sheedy in Houston, TX for this--best custom patches I ever got on any unit), Roland VP-9000, Rane TTM-54 DJ Mixer, Technics SL-1200MkII Turntables, Golden Age PREQ-73 (x2), Golden Age COMP-54 (x2), Smart Research C1 Bus Compressor, Drawmer DS 201 Dual Noise Gates (x2), Roland VS-2000CD Workstations (I still use these--the sound on these units is unique if you understand how to use them properly--I transfer WAV files in and out via USB back to the computer for further manipulation in Ableton Live). All MIDI devices are synced and the OTB setup can be synced with the ITB setup to create a hybrid setup controlled by either Ableton Live or using the MPC 2000XL as the central sequencer. All hardware was purchased off eBay at a fraction of its original cost. These relics were brought back to life over the summer of 2015 and put into use to creating some of the work you can hear on my BeatStars page and elsewhere. Pretty much anything I need that I don't have, I gratefully borrow from generous supporters and fans! Thanks to every person or group out there that has let be borrow, record/review/test, or gifted me any piece of hardware gear or instrument! ITB: Ableton Live 9.5+ Many different VSTs and plug-ins, although I am very selective in evaluating and using plug-ins. My plug-in collection is quite small, but I know how to use what I have on hand. My preferred MIDI input controllers are the Korg microKEY-37, the pads on the MPC 2000XL SE 3 (the Special Edition 3, a limited number were made), and the ASR-10 (not my favorite input because of its clunkiness and key response compared to the Korg microKEY, but the sampler on this is unbeatable still to this day). A variety of live instruments are also featured in my compositions. I am well versed in ProTools and Apple Logic (as well as legacy versions dating back to the Emagic era), the operation and use of SSL and Neve consoles, most 2" machines, and recording techniques for various live and electronic instruments in both the analog and digital realm. I have contacts in most areas and can get you into pretty much any studio you need (in your local area or mine). The best studio though, is usually right where you are right now. Open that laptop, connect the interface, plug in a microphone, maybe a MIDI controller, and you're in business! Most of the time the main pieces of physical gear I use are my MIDI controller and a desktop computer connected to a set of Yamaha monitors through a small desktop mixer. That's it!
What's your typical work process?
It depends on what you need. ***********However, if you want to collaborate with me on CUSTOM WORK, and you are going to be starting a project NOW and need assistance--send me a message today on SoundBetter. This system allows us to communicate and collaborate in a smooth manner, while helping us keep the files and documents in a place where we both have access to what's going on in the project.************** If I have referred you over here from another social network because you asked or e-mailed about a custom beat or project:::::::::: I'm going to be referring ANY project I do over here to SoundBetter, just for the sake of keeping track of files and making sure I get payment for services rendered. If you want to do business and collaborate with me, please join SoundBetter and connect with me on here! Also, if you connect with me here on SoundBetter, I can send you 24-bit/48kHz files as well as entire archives with stems (and vice versa, you can send me whatever you have). That is a beautiful thing that simplifies collaboration with you, the client. I am here on SoundBetter to make it easier for you. Ya dig?
Describe the most common type of work you do for your clients.
I make unique and original beats (instrumental compositions) and produce recording artists. I also mix and master material for others, although I'm a bit biased toward working with talented artists who are also purchasing beats or production services. This total synergy between client and producer makes it easy to control the recording and production at certain critical points, and allows a lot of sound design and mixing issues to be resolved before they become a problem.