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Tenor-Baritone vocals and lyrics! Satisfaction Guaranteed! My BA in English Literature, vocal range, and studio experience give you the opportunity to add a real vocal talent to elevate your production. Rock, Soul, Country, Folk, Lounge, Showtune, Opera. Harmonies, Doubling, Back Ups. Lyrics polished, reworked, or written from scratch.

It is worth your time to consult with me on your current project and develop a networking connection to keep me in mind for your future projects.
Unpolished lyrics or sub par vocals ruin potentially marketable tracks all the time. Just like the right session instrumentalist lends their good taste to a track and then defers to the producer/engineer to shape the recording, so must the vocalist/lyricist be willing to show leadership while still being a team player. It takes great confidence and greater humility to sing and write. Even if you should ultimately decide to go in a different direction, you will never be let down by my work.

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