Seth Ryan Ludwig

Composer, WGI Indoor Perc.

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I am an independent artist, and compose anything from orchestra to WGI Indoor Percussion scores.

I have worked using Ableton for almost 6 years now. I started using Ableton with a Novation Launchpad I was given for my birthday, and from there began spending money on more launchpads and Ableton Suite. In 2019, I began remixing music in Ableton with stems that I requested from MER. From there, I started doing my own bootleg remixes from artists like San Halo, DROELOE, 3Lau, and a few others. These remixes, instead of just dragging and dropping stems in Ableton like I did with the Stems from MER, I began to piece my own sounds and melodies in using sounds that I designed, and just listening to hear if there was an dissonance between the original track and my replica melody. I played xylophone for Indoor Percussion and Marching band my freshman year (only learning the music by listening to every one else, and never learning to read sheet music), and my Sophomore year I marched bass one in the drumline for Marching Band, and in Indoor that year, I programmed DMX lights in Ableton using the ENTEC DMXIS box. I started my journey knowing absolutely nothing, and over the years taught myself music theory, how to play piano, and how to use many different softwares and midi.

Contact me through the green button above and let's get to work.

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I'll work on a project for zero cost out of your pocket. If I'm scoring or composing something, and I have an idea already in my head, it'll take me about a week.

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I do work for free.