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I translate feelings in music

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I am a Music Producer based in Brazil. I can record vocals, arrange songs, mix, master, record guitars, bass and more. I really love it, understand feelings and desires and translate it into music.

I`m a musician from over 18 years. My main style are Blues and Rock. Both create the foundation of my constant learning and creation process.

I'm also music producer. I hold a degree in Worship and Technical Arts from Dallas-TX (USA) and Music Production from Berklee (coursera). I own a company that produces local artists, and soundtracks. My practical and theoretical musical knowledge, gives me the ability to create high quality content.

As an artist I released in 2019 my first EP, Down The River, released worldwide by Spotfy, and other streaming platforms. I have often participated in music festivals, receiving good reviews from critics and audiences. His single, My Dream, produced and recorded in my studio, has been for months as one of the most popular 'Top 5' Blues-style songs on 'Placo MP3', Brazil's largest independent music platform.

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awesome cover from an brazilian artist João Pedro

I was the Mixing Engeniering in this production

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