My name is Lee Unfried and I am a mixing and recording engineer in Nashville, Tennessee. I have been working as an Audio Engineer in Nashville for about 6 years now at different studios on Music row. I have mixed many records and specialize in country, indie, rock, and electronic music.

To me mixing is more about creating a vibe rather than just blending a bunch of sounds together. I feel that is important to create textures with the sounds, then blend the textures together to form the character of the final mix. I base my mixing approach around the client. My goal as a mixer is to bring out the best in your recordings and embellish what is given to me. I treat every project differently and I understand the importance of making thing sound commercial, yet unique enough to stand out.

Have a song or demo and need to add a full band to it? No problem.
Working in Nashville on a day to day basis has given me the pleasure to work with some of the most amazing musicians in the world. Because of the amount of quality musicians, I am able to hand pick the right band to get the job done.

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My credits include

AllMusic verified credits for Lee Unfried:

  • Greenleaf Cast
  • Nashville Cast
  • John Anderson
  • Jim Ed Brown
  • Jim Ed Brown
  • Kutless
  • Riley Etheridge, Jr.
  • Jacey
  • Brian Free & Assurance
  • The Taylors
  • Jeff Coffin Mu'tet
  • Jeff Coffin
  • The City Harmonic

Gear highlights

  • API Legacy Console
  • API 2500
  • Alan Smart C2

Genres I specialize in

Terms of Service

1 round of mix tweaks included. Additional tweaks will be billed at $25/hour. Typical turn-around is 3 to 5 days. Contact me for more details.

Reviews of Unfried Audio Mixing

  • Default-avatar6 months agoby

    Lee is the man. I've worked with him in and out of the studio for the past 4 years recording drum covers to full EPs. He's got a great ear and knows how to get the sound he (and you) are looking for.

  • Default-avatar6 months agoby

    Lee is great to work with. He gets the project done the right way and doesn't take shortcuts. He understands best sound practices and can make a record sound unique. He was the mixing engineer on my recent and first professional E.P. and was able to make the sound come to life in a way that I couldn't do on my own. 5 of 5 stars.

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Interview with Unfried Audio Mixing

What do you bring to a song?
I love to make sure that the song goes somewhere and actually builds to something. Louder is not always better. I try to make people feel something when they listen to my mixes. When they get to the bridge, I want the to feel like they are at the climax of the song. If it is a sad song I want the artist to feel the tension and unease. I try to magnify whatever the artist is trying to get across emotionally. It makes a difference.
What's your typical work process?
I love to start with the focal point of the song, usually the vocal. I am a believer in building the tracks around the vocal, making sure that the message of the song can always be heard. I typically start building the mix at the Climax of the song (usually the bridge). Once I get the vocal tone dialed in I start building up the rhythm section. From there I start to add in all of the other elements one at a time until they sit right around the vocal.
What was your career path? How long have you been doing this?
I went to Middle Tennessee State University for Audio Production and graduated in 2011. While I was In school I interned at a commercial Recording Studio on Music row called OMNISound Studios. Shortly after interning I accepted a staff Audio Engineering job and have been at the same facility ever sense. I have been mixing professionally for about 6 years.
Analog or digital and why?
I love the flexibility and transparency that my Digital rig has to offer but I still feel like theres nothing better than audio hitting a console. I believe that they key is to use a bit of both. I like to use what's called a "Hybrid" mix setup where I use a combination of Pro Tools and analog summing. By doing so, I process most of the audio in the computer before sending it all out to the console. I am a firm believer that recording consoles help glue sounds together.