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PRODUCER/MIXING/MASTERING SPECIALIZING FOR THE EDM GENDER Where your tracks of electronic music will ring in the best manner EDMF STUDIO Electronic Dance Music Factory

Is a music industry of reference to the edm movement. Specialists in the production, mixing, mastering and processing music/voice tracks in edm genre and its derivatives in the current electronic music. House, Electro, Deep, Trance, Progressive, Techno, and more styles.
Electronic Dance Music Factory, since 2011, music studio of the artist of edm Johnny Betancor©. Singer, music producer, songwriter, mixer, master, dedicated to the creation of own original songs only of electronic dance music genre.

'Maxxive Digital Buss', developed our formula for mastering in our sessions, unique for each track of edm. One of our presets developed that can get for your tracks is 'MaxxBass System', low frequencies correction, and 'Vocodex Voice', vocal edition developed in EDMF.
EQ/NoiseReduction/Reverb/SideChain/CorrectionEstereo/Optimization/Compression/Limitation/EditTrack. This setting is applied to the signal processing of your tracks by, acquiring our Mastering service in this page.

The music tracks to send us, if possible, not have previous limitations or compressions. (Recommended to -6dB). The voice tracks, if possible, not have clippings, reverb or delay, to a single track for an optimum processing.

- Pro Mastering of 5 edm tracks, special for an EP, for only 179.99$
- Mixers of 3 edm tracks, up to 20 stems each track, for only 429.99$

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'Move On' by Johnny Betancor (Instrumental)

I was the Music Producer, Recording Studio, Edit, Mix and Mastering, through EDMF MusicStudio in this production

Terms Of Service

We always like to know how they would like their sound tracks, either by your description, or a specific track as an example. This is recommended.

All deliveries in format wav 24 bit / 44K1Hz.

Gear Highlights
  • FL Studio
  • Ableton Live
  • Cubase
  • SoundForget Pro
  • SpectraLayers Pro
  • Serum
  • Vanguard
  • Nexus
  • iZotope
  • Waves
  • ElectraX
  • Kontakt
  • Spire
  • Magnetic
  • TruePianos
  • Vocodex
  • AutoTune
  • Massive
  • Native Instrumentals
  • LD Systems
  • AcousticControl
  • Behringer
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