Hey, my name is Andrew. I'm a musician who plays drums and lives in New York.
My website is under construction, so for now, check out my YouTube channel to see some clips of me playing:


I’m not a drummer. I’m a musician. I love drumming, but for me, the reason I play drums is that the drums take me to people. I use drums as a way to create a good song, not as a way to show off my chops. And through the creation of song I’m able to make lifelong friends. Rhythm is the instrument that chose me and the drum kit is the way I come into the environment of music creation.

I play drums as a way to build relationships and friendships with people, not as a way to yell from the mountain tops that “I’m a drummer!”

It's not about the notes you play, the notoriety, or the money you get. It's about building community. Building team. Building relationships. It's about the human interaction.

It's for this reason that I play the drums. With a want to be the loud voice for so many quiet hearts, it's for this reason that I want to be a musician.

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