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OXP... Magnificent Melodian Mastering Major Mainstream Musical Miracles... and Mindful of Making every emotion made visible through imaginative projection with words spoken that's quite lyrical... Specializes in writing... singing... rapping... Reggae chanting... In multiple genres and and very adaptable... Major accomplishments...

Major accomplishments... Worked in the music industry for a number of years writing... singing and performing in many places across the country... Worked with Jim Jones the rapper and has presented music to the major labels including... Def Jam... Epic... Universal and Bad Boy with exceptional reviews... Worked with various upcoming artists like Maybach supported artist Forgiato Blow and Shakedown Empire's Cassius as well as a few other not so notable but still very talented artists... Still working and still growing and still dope with this pen and my God given ability to translate emotion into inspirational and resonant sound with my singing ability... Professional in sound and can enhance any project you are doing in multiple ways... And more affordable than the more marquis names with similar level talent... So try me... You could very well likely end up with a few hits... Many people have said I emulate John Legend quite well... But I am adaptable and can emulate a few other artists of varying ranges... I value my reputation and my career and do my absolute best to make sure anyone who works with me gets the best quality work... Thank you for your consideration...

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Oescerion X Prime

I was the Singer/Songwriter in this production

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