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We are a studio in the south of France in 2015 with the idea of providing high quality services from recording to mastering for artists, bands and companies.

Based on several years of experience in the music production, and music performance (we won the last Crowd Audio Mix Contest), we will guide you through the different stages of the recording process and give your project a professional dimension.

Recording is the simple step when every musicians record his part of the song, the more it is well played and recorded , the more the songs will sound good in the end.
Nowadays a good editing contribute to make a professional record because this is the process when time correction and pitch correction are done. It makes songs sound in tune and powerful but it is not replacing great playing, it enhances it.
Reamping is the act of transforming the raw signal (DI) of guitars and bass into a mix ready type of sound. The main advantage of reamping is that it allows to choose what type of sound fit the best after the recording process.
Mixing is a technical and creative process after the recording and the editing phase. The main purpose of mixing is to give a strong sonic identity to the songs by balancing every instruments.
The main purpose of mastering is to make sure that your songs will sound the best as they can on every system, to enhance the sound of the mix. This is an important step because it is the last before everyone can listen to your songs.

Contact me through the green button above and let's get to work.

6 Reviews

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  1. Review by Ulysse Lejeune
    by Ulysse Lejeune

    Julien Worked many times with me, and I was never disapointed. He knows how to use his ears and materials to give the best he can. He is great as an Audio engeneer but also as a musician, and I can totally see that he is made for music!
    anyways, Julien do an excellent job

  2. Review by Pontier
    by Pontier

    Flux Sound Studio mastered 3 of my tracks and I have to say that I'm prety impressed by the final results : clear, natural, loud, and the work is done in 1 day !
    Julien knows perfecly how to do the job and, In my opinion, entrust my projet to his studio was the best thing to do.

  3. Review by Psikowz
    by Psikowz

    Psikowz say YES to Flux Sound Studio. Great work, great dudes, good sound on the EP. Nice work, guys !

  4. Review by Florian Themlin
    by Florian Themlin

    It was a great time to work with Flux Sound Studio for the recording, mixing and mastering of the EP of my band The Small Print, he was very professional and he was always listening to our wishes, I am very grateful of the results ! He's a smart, talented and a very funny guy, and he deserves a great future with is job on FFS. Thanks you !

  5. Review by Alexandre COMTE
    by Alexandre COMTE

    It's a great pleasure to work with FSS for my Youtube channel EvilDucky Production. They are doing our reamping/editing/mastering, and we're always satisfied by their work. I strongly recommand them. :)

  6. Review by Biber Erwin
    by Biber Erwin

    He worked on my EP's band Sexy Mexican MAid , and we know together since many years, howether he makes a brilliant job without be afraid, telling what's wrong with the takes, and taking time to always disccus about production or needs : he 's a great musician, who love what he 's doing and that's why i leave this comment. Good luck fellow .

Psikowz - GI John

I was the Recording engineer, Mixing engineer and Mastering engineer in this production

Terms Of Service

I allow usually 2 revisions per song. But it can be more if there is a lot a tracks in the song.

Gear Highlights
  • Yamaha HS-7
  • RME 802
  • Focusrite Octopre
  • Axe FX II
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