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2007 3 years schooling with a graduation in sound engineering. After that I worked 4 years at BallSaal-Studios with Peter Schmidt plus some years with great mixers & producers here in Germany, during which i had the opportunity to listen, learn, experience and incorporate the highest ambitions & standards in audio quality.

With MS Mastering you get the full package from adoption of your files in all usual formats, analysis of the mix in preparation of the desired master, the actual polished enrichment of your mix, single, ep or album and of course the DDP-Master if required.
This is possible in Hamburg.

Neve Precision Stereo Lim/Comp 33609/J, API 2500 Bus Comp, Avalon Pure Class A EQ AD2055, KuSh Audio UBK Clariphonic Parallel EQ, KuSh Audio UBK Electra, Pultec EQP-IS3, API 550b, Distressor EL8-X,

Plugin Alliance, Flux, Isotope, Sonnox Sony Oxford, Melda Production, Vladg, Voxengo, Fabfilter, UAD, SIR

Steinberg Wavelab 9, ProTools 12

2 x ATC SCM25A Pro, 2 x DynAudio Acoustics M3A + LABGruppen PLM 10000Q

AD/DA Burl B80 Mothership, AD Lavry AD122-96 MK2, AD/DA Crane Song HEDD 192

Master Pinguin Multi Meter

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Gear Highlights
  • Burl B80 Mothership
  • Lavry AD122-96 MK2
  • Crane Song HEDD 192
  • Neve Precision Stereo Lim/Comp 33609/J
  • API 2500 Bus Comp
  • Avalon Pure Class A EQ AD2055
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