Highend recording/mixing/mastering facility from vintage to modern.
The SuperSize Recording includes three, partly different but connected, studios.

Studio A: This studio is tailored for recording, with a wide range of preamps and top tier analog to digital conversion. studio A is suitable for large sessions with 32 channels of i/o. Besides the 192 khz / 24 bit digital multitrack recording, analog tape recording is also possible with a 24 channel ampex atr-124.
Studio B: The system's heart is a classic ssl 4024G console with an analog mastering chain and different high quality monitoring systems. Studio B is optimized for the two last phases of the production, mixing and mastering. However the recording room is capable of handling additional recording tasks if needed.
Studio C: Digital based studio for editing, tuning, or record line signals.
Live rooms: Studio A has the largest floor area with 3 different sized and acoustically treated rooms.
Main room: with wooden acoustic elements and oak parquet flooring. Suitable for recording of acoustic instruments, and for recording a full band. This room houses our Steinway & Sons model-D grand piano and also an event space for studio concerts.
Stone room: covered with stone. Its unique sound is amazing for recording fat drums, vocals, strings and pretty much anything else you want an intense but short reverb on.
Iso booth A: with wooden acoustic elements, carpet flooring. In case of recording a whole music band it is also suitable to isolate singers or amplifiers.

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My credits include

Gear highlights

  • SSL4024
  • Media 51
  • Api 3124+
  • Avalon 2022
  • Neve 1073
  • Focusrite isa110
  • Focusrite red 1
  • Universal Audio 2-610
  • Quantec 2493
  • Lexicon 480L
  • TC electronic M6000
  • Weiss EQ1-mk2
  • GML 8200 EQ
  • LA2A
  • Dynaudio M3
  • Yamaha NS10

Genres I specialize in

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