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Producer, Mixing, Mastering

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Your music will sound dope! Often clients would say my demos sound like finished records so I have entered the mixing & mastering game! My experience as an artist got me to play at Lollapalooza, North Coast Music Festival, and I even do touring playback, most recently the Becky Hill US Tour.

I am offering production, mixing, and/or mastering.

I can mix or master your record while you listen in real-time with lossless audio.

I can even track you remotely from anywhere straight into my DAW! If you're LA based, I will invite you to my personal studio to work from!

Gear list:
Barefoot Footprints 01
Burl B2 Bomber ADC
AMS Neve 1073 LB
Shadow Hills Mono Gama
API 525
Shadow Hills Dual Vandergraph
Mini Moog Voyager
Juno 106
Manley Ref C
Shure SM7B

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Production is for the beat or the music. This includes the full package: vocal tracking, tuning, editing, mixing, and mastering. Additional instruments such as guitars or bass would require a session musician for hire (or ask your talented friend). We can track at my studio in Hollywood or remotely from anywhere! I will be included on the writing/publishing for the musical composition. I do ask for 15% of the master recording. The price you pay is for the production fee.

Mixing does not include vocal edits or tuning. Price reflects up to 64 tracks. 3 revisions. You will get a dope mix, instrumental, acapella, and backing tracks for live shows. This is work for hire.

Mastering includes both analog gear and plugins. Your record will be loud yet dynamic! 3 revisions.

Contact me through the green button above and let's get to work.

Terms Of Service

3 revisions, production 14 business days, mixing 7 business days, mastering 3 business days

Gear Highlights
  • Burl B2 Bomber ADC
  • Shadow Hills Dual Vandergraph
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