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Severe weather can wreak havoc on your health and wellness-- sunburn in the summertime and influenza in the winter season, for instance. Cold and hot weather also can intensify the wearability of contact lenses, bring about discomfort or even infections.

You may even have wondered just how extreme heat or cold affects that box of contact lenses left at your front door first thing in the early morning that you uncovered when you got residence from job.

Heat/ warm
Block the sun
Given that we often tend to spend more time outdoors in warmer months, it's crucial to make sure you're not exposing your eyes to hazardous UV rays. You might consider using contact lenses with UV defense, specifically throughout the summer season.

Stop the flow of sweat
In heat, particularly when the warm is coupled with humidity, it takes no time whatsoever to work up a sweat-- even when you're not exercising.

To stay clear of the sting of sweat in your eyes, take into consideration wearing an absorbent headband or often wiping your brow with a towel. Your eyes and also your contact lenses will thanks for it. Moreover, check out these amazing collection of dahab lenses in Pakistan.

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