BRUJO (Daniel Dominguez Lopez)

Songwriter, vocalist

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Hi! I´m Daniel Dominguez Lopez (@BrujoGram on my social media) I´m a 25 years old songwriter from Spain, I also work as a demo vocalist. I work as a songwriter since I was 18 and I start doing music when I was 11 years old. I really like to do every kind of style of music. I'm really passionate about Reggaeton, pop, trap etc.

I have worked with some international artist and with some of the biggest social media creators.
(Kaydy Cain, Juan Magan, Mala Rodriguez, Danny Romero, Henry Mendez, Juanih South, Jorge Cremadez, El Cejas, Polifacético etc.)
I archive with my music a lot of gold and platinum records and also millions of streams but the thing that inspire me everyday to make more and more music is that I can give advice and help artists and songwriters like me to archive their goals I also really like to inspire people with my music.

I can help you with your project whenever you want!
I work really fast and effective.
We can work with a fee or royalty percentages, wherever is easier for you!
Just contact me, we can do a great work together!

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