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Born in Italy and the music from the beginning in the blood! I live in Germany, where I moved from Italy back in 1992. I got a degree as Audio Engineer at the SAE Academy in Frankfurt am Main. My passion for the music, is always a challenge for me as an Audio Engineer, to give Songs that certain "something " by the mixdown.

Internet offers new opportunities in the music factory, allowing Musicians and Producers to interact with Professional Audio Engineers to get high quality sound and boost up their level.

This is exactly where I step in as Your Personal Audio Engineer!

Thanks to the world wide web it is possible to exchange files in a fast and secure way, from all over the world.

My service of Online Mixing offers high quality at affordable prices, promising creativity, technical experience and musical taste for any kind of mixing and different music genres.

I'll work on your project with passion and devotion to obtain the sound you are looking for. No limit to the editings. No extra fees.

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