Panorama Music Production (also stylized as PMP) is an independent music composing, production and publishing service owned and created by Award-winning musicians Alexander & Bianca-Maria Schulze.

Panorama Music Production (PMP) is a Music Production company created and leaded by Award-Winning Songwriters, Composers and Producers Alexander and Bianca-Maria Schulze.

We are looking for new Artists everyday and if you are looking for a Songwriter, Producer, Composer and/or Publisher, than we may match.

Our services gives young and veteran talented artists worldwide the possibility to make the music they love, without needing a big budget or moving places, because we work with talents from all over the world.

We are also in a partnership with US/Korean Entertainment company Enroll as a Student there and take part at the Worldwide K-Pop Online Auditions:

We look forward to see and hear you soon! ;)

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We provide every single Artist with an unique and authentic sound.

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