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Allowing artists to express them selves in new ways is my passion and capturing it in a record is my priority.

O.M.A. Productions is a recording studio based out of North Fort Worth, TX owned by producer and musician Brandon Sanders. After playing in various bands for over 9 years and graduating college with a recording arts degree, Brandon has set his sights on working side by side with creative artists to make impactful records that relay the artists vision. O.M.A. Productions specializes in recording, mixing, mastering, editing, reamping, podcasts and anything audio related.

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  • First post on soundbetterApr 26, 2016

    Hey! I am super stoked about this site. Seems like a really cool place to share my work and meet new musicians and producers. 

    Currently I am working in a split EP for a band while finishing two tracks for my solo project. 
    Should be released mid summer.