My name is Alex and I'm a dedicated musician. I sing as a tenor and produce amazing and professionally crafted music for artists that I believe in.

There are several services I've got:

1. Vocals

I sing for any kind of dance, pop, hip-hop or R'n'B music. Can sing high like Freddy Mercury, sexy low like Frank Sinatra or rhythmically complicated (with lots of ornamentation) for jazz or soul music, with drive for rock music and so on. I can help with lyrics but at most cases would be great to have the text and at least some of vocal melody ideas so I could create what you really need.

2. Music composing and production

I know almost everything about creating music that emotionally can impact your listener. I love building big halls and plates of music that will be crafted to make them swing, dance, party, dream or relax. I know how to design several levels of sound according to the lyrics content so that the song would sound professionally made - it is that thing that is called INDUSTRY STANDARD (if you need something alternative - let's discuss the details and create HIT AND SPECIAL music).

3. Creating guitar tracks

I can masterfully play guitar, mostly electric but acoustic is not a problem for me, too. Solo of any level, any quantity of 32th notes per second or emotionally powerful melody - I can play everything. I really enjoy music I play, have wonderful music taste and feeling so I don't have a habit to make uninteresting or monotonous music.

Would love to hear from you. Click the contact button above to get in touch.

Genres I specialize in

Terms of Service

My prices are what you can see in price list. But it can be reduced or increased by mutual agreement if the work is easier or harder then it was required initially.

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    Awesome working with Alex! Super talented producer!

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