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Georgia, Tbilisi based Kelaptari Studio is a leading authority in quality, economical custom solutions for sound recording, sound design, 3d & animation, web, mobile, desktop. Founded in 2006, Kelaptari Studio now has almost 200 team members spread all over the world. We might be a global company, but we cater to specific, local needs.

Without the diverse men and women that make up Kelaptari Studio, we wouldn’t be here today. Because we’re a global office, we can choose our team members based on aptitude and experience, not location.

We emphasize clear and honest interactions throughout the development process, both internally and externally. Because we work remotely, we can’t depend on non-verbal cues. We rely on team members who know how to communicate in timely and direct ways.

Our expertise doesn’t just hinge on mastering the latest technologies, but knowing when and where to use them to develop your unique solution.

Our goal isn’t just to create vibrant and media-rich interactive solutions, but also to expand into emerging industries with whatever new technologies the future holds.

We are fair and honest, not just because it’s the right thing to do, but because we value our relationship with you and want to continue our partnership in the future. That’s why we let our clients use the same online systems we use so that you have a straightforward look into daily activities.

We treat your project as if it was our own. We consider ourselves to be a high-value provider – challenging work done with top quality results at low prices.

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