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Hello! I'm Dominic Mason, a college grad living in the Leesburg, VA area. I ran the audio/visual crew at my college for two years, and have provided recording and mixing for several events and friends since then (usually at choir concerts and weddings).

I have recorded and mixed over 400 hours of audio. Currently, I only own a couple of Behringers and a Focusrite interface. I usually use reaper and audacity for mixing (reaper for the EQ and expanders, audacity for the noise removal). If you are recording an instrumental concert, my gear will probably be inadequate. However, if you are recording a film or some vocalists, have sub-par audio to fix, or already have the gear to capture with, I'm your man.

Here are some things I recorded and mixed:

The only music I've written so far is classical. Here are some samples:

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