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The best music producer. I'm a young music producer who is good in what she does and is determined to the job she dreams!

Hi! I’m Benni, a music producer.

I’ve been producing music for 3 years, almost 4, doing internship with two famous Italian producers (pop producer and orchestral producer) and working for private clients.
To me the most important thing is what the client wants, so I will try to fulfill the request a much as I can. I do believe though, that the project itself is a very important part of my job, so if the clients agrees, I will provide constant feedback.
I work in my home studio set up, but if needed I am able to go to a proper studio.
I’m very hard-working and a fast learner.
I’m someone who is determined to do the job she loves and is trying to find her way inside this industry.
I do hope you are willing to give me a chance, I will not let you down!

Why should you hire me? I have a passion for this job and I’ve just started actually working in a professional way, so I really can’t wait to be commissioned a project and I’m looking forward to it with so much joy and excitement! I really can’t wait, and as they say, someone who is looking forward to do something will do it better!

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Terms Of Service

I usually take between a 7 to 20 days to compete a project.
Revisions are not priced for production, for anything else I do up to three or four revisions.
Additional costs for extra fast deliveries.

Gear Highlights
  • midi keyboard
  • drum set
  • electric guitar&acoustic
  • Logic pro x
  • Focusrite audio interface
  • valhalla plugins
  • ozone 9
  • izotope plugins
  • arturia analog lab 4&pigments
  • konkart libraries&native instruments
  • keyscape&omnisphere etc.
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