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Remote Mixing & Mastering

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CRS is a fully stocked complete production recording studio. By offering remote/online services we are able to maintain lower overhead and pass the low rates on to you!

Use our high quality gear, treated rooms, years of experience and pair it with our desire to simply create the best version of your song at a fraction of our normal rates by booking remote sessions.

Please visit our website for audio samples, photos and more information about our services!

We look forward to working with you.

Send me a note through the contact button above.


Gear Highlights
  • Studio 192
  • T10 Sub
  • Adam A7x
  • Control 24
  • full Waves co.
  • S1 Pro 4
  • FabFilter Co.
  • IKMedia Studio Max2 co.
  • Antares Avox4
  • Autotune9 Pro
  • AutoTune FX
  • Izotope co.
  • Brainworx co.
  • EW Co..
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