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Don't Let A Weak Mix Hold You Back. Get playlist appeal with standout mixes. Quick. Easy.

24.14% of Spotify listeners will skip to the next song within the first 5 seconds.

Which means if your music is muddy and lifeless, you will be friend-zoned....Forever.

Now is not the time to cut corners. Outsource your mix to a specialist you trust so you can focus on your brand. Stress free.

Increase your followers with impactful mixes.

Transform demos into Spotify ready releases.

What You Get:

Edit. Tune. Samples.
EQ. Compression. Saturation.
Post Production.

Tell me about your project and how I can help, through the 'Contact' button above.


Terms Of Service

3-5 days per song
1-2 weeks per EP
2-3 weeks per LP
up to 4 revisions.

Gear Highlights
  • My Ears.
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