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I'm also a producer but my main specialty is Mix engineer my favorite projects, working with the instrumental, but I also can mix vocal and speech

A 2 year ago I started writing instrumentals, at that time I thought mixing was just a volume balance and nothing more. After 3 months, when I started to get something going in terms of producing, I sent a friend a couple of instrumentals for evaluation, he told me that the bass was conflicting with the melody. I didn't understand anything and decided to look on the Internet to see what my friend meant. And then the world of frequency, dynamic, and spatial processing opened up for me. At first, nothing was clear, but I was more interested in sound processing than producing. Using a new sound in my music, I first experimented with processing, trying out what I saw on the Internet and delving into the essence, finding my own sound. and for 2 years I've been mixing instrumentals and vocals.

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Gear Highlights
  • I have a mini Studio at home. Audient id4 sound card
  • dt 770 Pro monitor headphones in a compartment with Realphones plug-in and se electronics x1 s microphone. I write music in FL Studio
  • and I mix and record in Cubase.
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