Emil Shayeb

Production, Mixing & Mastering

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Emil Shayeb is a multi-instrumentist, award-winner, label owner (Valetes Records), producer and Recording & Mixing Engineer. From pop, to rap and stoner rock, he has worked with many different genres and artists.

Previously working as an artist, Emil Shayeb fell in love for the production and mixing process. Now, as a producer and mixing engineer, he is willing to understand your music and make the best out of it.
To achieve that, he mixes most of the time in the analog world with classical vintage equipment - but if you want, it can be done In-The-Box or hibrid.

"To me, producing and mixing is like the lights in a theater: a tool to highlight all the good things in the artist. A way to make his message clearer."

Contact me through the green button above and let's get to work.

Be Who You Are - Larry Taylor ft. Shanty

I was the Recording & Mixing Engineer, Producer and Co-Author in this production

Terms Of Service

Included in the price:
1. Three recalls (mixing/mastering), more recalls can be negotiated later, if needed.

Gear Highlights
  • Amek Rembrandt (with Neve pre and line amps)
  • LA2A
  • 1176
  • dbx160vu
  • Distressor
  • Fatso
  • Ureis
  • SSL Compressor
  • TC Electronic 2290
  • Lexicon pcm 42 and pcm 70
  • 480L
  • Eventide h3000
  • Roland Space Echo
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