Music production/engineering

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For 7 years I have built my skills at music production and engineering which includes building tracks from the ground up starting from scratch until reaching the final mix down and master. I am very passionate about pushing a new modern sound and helping people achieve that in their own projects looking to work with other talented creators.

Beginning my long journey into music at the age of 14 I became a very passionate and obsessed drummer playing for 5 years and reaching a grade 6 in drumming at yamaha music school I've since grown and expanded my ventures to new projects. I've since Co founded a record label which included traveling over Southern England djing at private paid for events playing and producing modern dance music. I have been producing for 7 years now and I am looking to share my skills with others to help them bring their visions to life as I understand the difficulties of translating your ideas to reality. I have an optimal studio set up including everything I will need to study engineer and create music. I am also looking to experiment with such fields as sound design for film TV and the gaming community, sound design has always been an integral part of my production using synthesisers such as massive, serum and fm8 to create brand new sounds and textures to bring a different sense of characterisation for an image or film. So if you are interested in anything I can offer please leave me a message even if you just want to say hi, I am very easy going and willing to push my comfort zones and hopefully bring out the best I can in others

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