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Same Sky Productions is an Austin based company providing premium production services for artists, bands, singer-songwriters.

Same Sky Productions is a recording studio in Austin, TX that creates an environment where art thrives. Our team has been recording music since the turn of the century using top-of-the-line gear and creative energy at every stage of the recording process to "let it be new."

We can help you bring your project to life from start to finish at our studio, or consult and co-write remotely from anywhere in the world.

In addition to the services listed to the right, we can also re-amp your existing guitar and bass tracks through our amp collection (see below) at $25 per hour.

Same Sky Productions amp collection:

Fender 60's BandMaster
Marshall JMP Super Lead with Bradshaw SE Crunch MOD
Custom Soldano "Lou's Big Head" (built for and owned by Lou Reed)
Bad Cat Trem Cat Modified
Savage Audio Mach 12
Vintage Ampeg B-15
Ashdown 150
Marshall 1960 4X12 Cab
Bad Cat 1X12 Cab
THD 2X12 Cab
Roland KC 500
Hartke 3500 Transient Attack

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