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Mixing and Mastering

In 2002 i started working on my own music. Gradually my interest at the technical part of producing music got more and more. So around 2006 i started reading a lot about Compressors, EQs, etc. Especially about mixing techniques and i have implemented it at the DAW. In 2012 i graduated my studies at Audio Engineer. I was taught in a Studio in Cologne, where i earned a lot of mixing skills and professional studio technique. I worked with an Pro Tools 8 System with a Digidesign Controll 24, Focusrite Red, SPL Goldmike and the UREI 1176. After my studies, i visited my lecturer for mastering in his studio to learn more about that. About one year i´m working on my mastering skills. Now i work at home without the big gear, just with ProTools and a lot of plugins.

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Terms Of Service

Typically i allow three revisions. When the artists want that i work further, we have to talk about what to do and possibly additional costs.

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