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"Michael is a young rising star engineer" - Gordy Love [ www.ashbymix.com ]

Michael Ashby is a very respected next generation audio engineer that has been fortunate enough to mix for multiple Sony & Universal artists on his way up including B. Howard, Timbaland's BK Brasco, Latoya Jackson, Fetty Wap, Sixx John (by Neyo), Grafh, Melissa B
and more!

He has been inspired by Grammy award winning engineers like Jaycen Joshua and Craig Bauer. Michael wants to keep the legacy going and set the bar higher considering the latest technology advancements.

Now he's attracting part of the industry's attention as of lately due to the overwhelming positive feedback from countless clients in every corner of the country. He has worked with a wide variety of artists since 2007 and just recently graduated from SAE Institute (School of Audio Engineering) in NYC.

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45 Reviews

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  1. Review by Andy Rose
    by Andy Rose

    Michael is a gifted engineer. He was able to understand my sound, get a flawless recording, and do a fantastic mix. All this despite the fact that i am not a typical for him: i'm a blues/bluegrass acoustic player. He is talented enough at what he does that he can adjust seamlessly on the fly to something unfamiliar. Much respect

  2. Review by Mishka Vaughns
    by Mishka Vaughns

    Michael is such a great guy and a professional in his field. He takes care of your sound for your money's worth. After having to deal with bad engineers in the past, I was happy to have found this guy, one who actually knows his job. meeting him was a blessing....I love Michael and you will too once you work with him.....Michael "you the best!"

  3. Review by Mario
    by Mario

    Michael Ashby is one of a kind Engineer. He produces nothing but pure quality. The service and dedication he puts into his craft is well noted and I have worked with him for years and I wouldn't recommend anyone but him.

  4. Review by samah (sae student)
    by samah (sae student)

    Watching Michael make magic is a great experience, He knows what his doing and he makes the artist feel comfortable by coaching them and guiding them. Me being a female engineer who is new to the game likes the way he teaches me to work with artist and how to build a relationship with them. His just great!!!

  5. Review by Martha
    by Martha

    I'm actually working with Mike. He makes me feel so comfortable in the studio and makes everything sound like a finished record from the jump. I would recomend him to everyone even the most inexperienced artists.😊💯

  6. Review by luis acosta
    by luis acosta

    hola a todos me gusto mucho la experiencia que vivi en el estudio y es fantástico me gusta y mas que todo la calidad y el master eq que tiene es increíble y estoy satisfecho y emocionado y aquí seguiré siempre con mis canciones junto a el...

  7. Review by Dolo Jenks
    by Dolo Jenks

    The Krematorium Studio is the place to be if you need top quality recordings. Ashby is a perfectionist, not afraid to critique you. He has a great setup and knows what he is doing. Look out for him on the come up! #DLMZ

  8. Review by Daniel
    by Daniel

    Excellent Quality! You will not be disappointed. I recorded my entire project there and was beyond satisfied. I'm recording my next project there hands down. If you want your music to sound mainstream, Contact that man.

  9. Review by Mikey D
    by Mikey D

    This studio is the best one I've been recording at hands down !!!!! Anybody that needs any mixing done make sure you come here.. You will not be let down trust me !!!!!!!!!

  10. Review by Skye DeMaio
    by Skye DeMaio

    This is by far the best most intelligent engineer I have worked with. He is always diligent and prepared. Haven't had a issue he didn't know how to fix. I felt comfortable the minute I walked through the door. The vibe is right in this studio, and that's hard to find. ✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥💯💯💯💯💯💯. Vibes and blessings 🌊

  11. Review by d3v
    by d3v

    All i can say, godsent!!!

  12. Review by YK
    by YK

    Ash is the best engineer in NYC period! Sound quality is amazing, mixing is phenomenal, and his interpersonal skills are invaluable.I guarantee he will take even the most amateur act to another level

  13. Review by P∆T®ICK TΩU$$∆IN✞
    by P∆T®ICK TΩU$$∆IN✞

    Hands down one of the best engineers I've ever worked with of all time. Sound quality on a million and recording skills is phenomenal. bless up🔑🔑🔑🔑🏆

  14. Review by Laurent Luke
    by Laurent Luke

    Michael Ashby aka "Magic Mike" is honestly the best engineer I've ever worked with. As a Songwriter/Singer, I pride myself in the recording ART and to have someone with attentive ears that can hear if something is the slightest bit off, helps make the creative process that much easier. I recommend him to anyone looking for a dedicated engineer.

  15. Review by SYU
    by SYU

    Actions speak louder than words, Michael Ashby at Krematorium Studio is the BEST hands down. Your creation is in good hands at www.thekrematorium.com friendly environment, beautiful energy!... Ashby's a cool dude with great ears.

  16. Review by dante labelle
    by dante labelle

    the krematorium is one of the best studios i know and has one of the best engineer around. before and during and after fame mike ashby has to be the one to mix and engineer my hits i wouldn't settle for less. if you really are serious and passionate about your sound and your music and if its important that your music is A1 mike ashby is your guy!!!

  17. Review by Danny
    by Danny

    We worked with michael in a refugee project called "Forgotten People" and his Proffessionalism and sound was impeccable. Not only do you get a great sound from his studio but you also get in time that you need. Michael is both a humanitarian at heart as well as a great producer. The directions were given over Skype from London England to his studio

  18. Review by MICHE
    by MICHE

    Working with Michael Ashby is always a pleasure he is extremely professional and knows exactly what he's doing on the boards Thank You for bringing my songs to life


  19. Review by Kaotik
    by Kaotik

    One of a kind producer !!!!!!

  20. Review by kt
    by kt

    the energy in mikes studio is relaxing making it easy for me to get in the zone. he always has his own creative input to help bring my visions to life making my vocals sound 100x better than I had anticipated. i continue to work with mike because he always puts his best foot forward taking pride in his work, a quality i greatly admire in someone!

  21. Review by Warren Rolling
    by Warren Rolling

    Mike is by far one of the best engineers in NYC, his mixing sounds better then most people's mastering. From quality to taste, he has what it takes to make anyone a hit record. I appreciate his service and comfortable studio environment. He's an A1 engineer.

  22. Review by Chris quinones
    by Chris quinones

    Working with mike for the first as a a bassist was dope, the communication was great and him being a musician as well made easy to work with. The studio was amazing top of the line equipment and he
    Had my bass sounding dope! Looking forward to working with you in the future.
    Mike the best is yet to come!!!

  23. Review by Toon Soul`
    by Toon Soul`

    this studio is more then just a great experience its theraputic just to know the person behind the boards understand your vision and gives you quality within his mixes and actually cares GoodVibes,Excellent Engineer, with Excellent Sound 2 years growing and going -Sincerly ToonSoul-

  24. Review by Tommy Walker
    by Tommy Walker

    Having been a client of Michaels for 6 years, not only am i able to count on him for his incredible talent, reliability, and his consistent work ethic, but we built a strong friendship in the process. Michael is as professional as they come.
    With his brilliant skillset, you'll leave the studio with a quality record, GUARANTEED.

  25. Review by Joseph Capobianco
    by Joseph Capobianco

    I have worked with Mike for many years now and my experience with him could not have been a better one. Mike will tell it like it is and make sure everyone's job is done to perfection. He puts his heart and soul into each mix and you will truly get the best sound from working with him.

  26. Review by wilie beam
    by wilie beam

    awesome experience . mixes are on point amazing quality

  27. Review by SiaProphet
    by SiaProphet

    Great creative vibes with awesome mixes!!!

  28. Review by Jaron
    by Jaron

    This dude is the truth

  29. Review by Raeshon Roberson
    by Raeshon Roberson

    As a drummer, my relationship with Michael has always been pleasurable. He's a drummer and knows exactly what I want to hear in my headphones and how to make the drums sing! As a producer I've called him several times asking sonic advice. How to get the best out of my plugins and how to send a decent production mix. Mike is surly my #1 engineer!

  30. Review by SoulBrother #1
    by SoulBrother #1

    Michael Ashby is truly a gem at his craft, his tentativeness and footprint are written all over every track he touches. I'm currently in a hip hop collective releasing our first mixtape and working with Ashby MAKES ME WANNA WRITE MORE MUSIC!!! and as a artist that's the best thing in the world when a engineer makes YOU sound better to Yourself!!!!!

  31. Review by Rob Max
    by Rob Max

    Mike makes strive for perfection. He wants You to leave with something your proud of.

  32. Review by ADRENALIN

    Mike has a great habit of making his studio a stress-free environment. Everytime I've been there, we've been able to create something even better than expected. Mainly due to his ability to listen to the artist and creatively coming up with ways to enhance everything. I highly recommend him if you need a quality studio.

  33. Review by Rob Max
    by Rob Max

    Make music with Mike is mystical experience. What you take out can help you so much

  34. Review by Gabby Brielle
    by Gabby Brielle

    I ALWAYS have a positive experience working with Mike! He's so patient and knowledgeable, and he really cares about my vision as the artist. He does his best to bring it to life, and when I listen to my work that comes out of there, it's always a good feeling! I always learn something new from him, and I highly recommend him!!

  35. Review by TopFlee Kenji
    by TopFlee Kenji

    Hands Down One Of The Best Engineers In THE GAME ! Work And Ethics Are A++ . Never Given Me A Problem If Anything He Has Fixed Any Problems Ive Had With My Sessions. Once You Are Blessed With His Mixing You'll Never Want A Mix From Anyone Else ! Book Your Session Early Too Becuase He's Always Booked

  36. Review by Drew V
    by Drew V

    Ashby is one of the most passionate engineers I have worked with. It's not just a job for him, he genuinely loves what he does and it shows in his work. As an Rnb vocalist I require a lot more than most engineers can handle but I'm super confident working with Michael. Now if only we can get more engineers like him, music will be better as a whole.

  37. Review by brixs chanel
    by brixs chanel

    Hands down one of the best 🙌

  38. Review by Gray
    by Gray

    I'm in a hip hop collective, and we are putting out our first mixtape, all engineered by Michael Ashby. And I couldn't be more happy with the outcome. He truly takes his time, and has the kind of musical ear that picks up on everything and knows EXACTLY where you are going with it. As an artist, this is invaluable. Highly recommended to everyone.

  39. Review by Dmac
    by Dmac

    DRUGHEAVY mike is the go to guy in the industry HANDS DOWN 💯💯💯💯

  40. Review by Jr "Supa" Angerville
    by Jr "Supa" Angerville

    It's great working with Michael, he knows how to get the sound needed for your recording. Very professional and always has what's best for your music in mind!

  41. Review by Xone
    by Xone

    I love Ashby!! He's my go to engineer for all my needs. He assisted in recording the early demos of my group which just got signed to a major label! Do yourself a favor and get Ashbied!! 😂

  42. Review by Waty
    by Waty

    Michael is hands down an Amazing engineer. I have worked with so many other and none can compare to Michael. He knows EXACTLY how to work with my style of music and voice. He is attentive and gets down to ever detail when he is at work. Within the 6 years ive known him his works gets better and better. His works is crisp, clean , and PERFECT!

  43. Review by REECY
    by REECY

    He is definitely one of the best and I can say that I've found my home studio. Every second and penny is worth spending because you will be satisfied. Mr.Ashby knows his stuff!!!

  44. Review by Melissa B.

    I have been working with Michael for 4 years and I can say that he is the only engineer that knows my vocals like no other. He is a master at the sounds and sonics of everything that surrounds you. Mike has done all my albums and we even won the Hollywood Music in Media Award & Global Music Award for the song "Maria" which he engineered. Hire Him!

  45. Review by Nikko
    by Nikko

    This studio is more than just top of the line. You are getting every dollar with and more! If you want quality sound, and great customer service, book now!

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After a completed mix you get a TV Track, Acapella, Instrumental and up to 5 revisions for FREE! =)

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  • API
  • Chandler
  • DBX
  • Neve
  • Lauten Audio
  • Miktek
  • Focal
  • Yamaha
  • JBL
  • Pro Tools
  • Celemony Melodyne
  • Antares Auto-tune
  • Waves
  • Sonnox Oxford
  • Fab-Filter
  • iZotope Ozone
  • Plugin Alliance
  • Slate Digital
  • Synchro Arts
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  • Featured in Billboard!Feb 26, 2016

    One of my many clients featured in Billboard Magazine “emerging artists” Melissa B! @melissablive a @GMAMusicAwards Gold Medal Winner. THIS Feb. 26th edition!