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Hi As a first genre, I produce electronic music in all its 'sub-genres' (from EDM to Trip-Hop "and so on), a genre that opens up many possibilities for experimentation, I also compose other genres, such as songwriting or pop music and also soundtrack and ambient music Electronic (all sub-genre) - Songwriting - Atmospheric / Contemporary / Ambient

Old-timey creative, romantic and dreamy, he brings Bach and the Progressive Rock on the shores of an innovative Pop music. Debuts with Odissea 1984

Francesco Malaguti was born in Bologna in 1993.
He begins to be fond of music since he was a child, and then he starts to study guitar since he was thirteen years old with the Maestro Marco Montanari.
After this period he starts to study electronics and computer science, and becomes fascinated by electronic music, despite coming mainly from a historical listening of progressive rock. Feeling the need to publish under his own name and experiment with new sounds, after a decade in which he played in various bands (especially industrial), in 2015 he releases his first DIY album, "Parti", a long experimental concept that will open the door to a series of albums that will fall, precisely, in his personal project that takes the same name, Parti, in each subsequent release.
It is a complex project, but in synthesis, as painted by the artist Olivia Teglia in the cover of the first album, it is Schrödinger's Cat observing the Tower of Babel.
It is in this period that he signs the soundtrack of the play "Furore" by Steinbeck, finalist at the Venice Biennale.
From 2015 to 2019 Francesco Malaguti produces hundreds of tracks, many of which are unpublished and unreleased, (etc. for limits of charachters).

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