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Vocals make or break a song, so I understand the importance of delivering perfect vocals in your records. In order to compete with the top charting songs you need to invest in vocal editing. I will edit your vocals while you keep doing what you love, CREATE. Get high quality mixing ready vocals at a low rate, with a fast 48-hour turnaround.

-VOCAL TUNING: We will tune and polish your vocals to perfection by using top pitch correction softwares (Melodyne and Autotune). We will treat your vocals depending on your needs, weather you're going for a natural sound or a processed T-Pain type auto-tuned sound.

-VOCAL TIMING: Everything you hear on  best when every single element is on time. We will lock your vocals to your music while keeping the natural performance of the vocalist.  

-VOCAL ALIGNING: Do you have vocal stacks that need to sound tighter? We will tight them to perfection without compromising the audio quality by using Revoice Pro 4, the best vocal "time editing" tool in the music industry. 

-VOCAL COMPING: By using our music production and recording skills, we will help you to create the best vocal performance with your takes in a single track.

-VOCAL CLEAN-UP EDITING: If you need to clean up your track we can help with de noise/ de esser, remove clips/ mouth clips, crossfade, cut, etc

-VOCAL DOUBLERS OR HARMONIES: With the use of Revoice Pro 4 and Melodyne we can create doublers for your lead or background vocals and any harmonies you want. 

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Tuning Reel

I was the Vocal Editor in this production

Terms Of Service

As many revisions as you need for no extra charge, turnaround in 48 hours after payment.

Gear Highlights
  • Melodyne
  • Revoice Pro 4
  • Pro Tools
  • Autotune
  • Elastic Audio
  • Izotope RX 7
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FULL EDITING PACK: Tuning, timing, comping, editing for $100/lead vocal