Dave Turgeon

Mixing and Mastering engineer

Dave Turgeon on SoundBetter

Hi,. Im new to offering my services on the internet but i guess its time to share my skills with the world. I am very confident at sound engineering and i love to work with talented and creative artists. Im very attentive to details, For the last 15 years everyday i produced, mixed and mastered music and i still love it like the first day.

Hi friends ! Im Dave, a professional mixing and mastering engineer with a sound engineering degree (full sail) and 10+ years of experience. Owner of a nice recording studio with lots of sweet gear. I do it all, sound design, publicity, music production, mixing, mastering, etc. I will bring your project to its full potential exacly how you want it.

I always give 100% of myself in every project whether its a 5 minute thing or 5 months.

I can lay down chords , drums, melodies to get you inspired to record some vocals then bring everything up to a radio ready hit.

Like i said i pay a lot of attention to detail , i was born a perfectionist and this is where it really shines. I take my time to mix properly until YOU think its perfect. I use old analogue techniques as well as the latest digital plugins to achieve any sound you want for any genre of music.

Loudness war or Dynamic range ?
Mastering has no secrets for me , whether its for youtube, spotify, itunes, etc or a ddp file for a cd manufacturer. For every project with me you will get different masterings for the perfect loudness on every streaming platform or website taking into accounts their loudness penalty.

Tell me about your project and how I can help, through the 'Contact' button above.